Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Zambia 2021 (Salaries) (2023)

Are you from Zambia? Looking to make a way with your life by finding your good high paying job? I know you have been wondering whats the highest paying job in Zambia with high salaries. Considering 18.5 million individuals look for highest paying jobs in Zambia. Hence its normal after college completion, that someone would want to know highest paying Jobs In Zambia for 2021.

Most of us before jumping on job search and scouting. We’ve all undertaken similar routs, and thanks to blog articles, such as this one with answers to career salaries. Today we’re not talking about musicians, because its important discovering highest paid jobs as well as Zambian salaries.

Tips to finding your high paying Job

After finding highest paying careers in Zambia. Don’t forget to go on job search and hunt for that profession. Here’s how to get your job quickly. Because vacancy can be hard to discover. Job sites must be utilized if want employment soon, but without any proper strategies, employed in place its going to very hard finding that job.

Second tip to find your highest paid jobs in Zambia has to do with creating a network. Ensure you get connected, socialize, do courses from different field and just have confidence.

Why do people need highest paid Jobs?

Cost of living in Zambia has seen and reached unprecedented levels. Gap between the rich and poor keeps on becoming wider each year. To close it, better still survive you need money, and comfortable salary coming from your job. High inflation rate, and according to statistics 60 percent live above poverty levels. About 45 percent are those in urban areas and 15 percent considered to be high class.

Therefore, no one wants to work on low paying jobs, careers must be based on good conditions of service and income. These are not online jobs, but skilled professions brought into existence, due to courses on demand in this country. Prerequisites for most of them, include a university and college diploma, at least from any recognized institution.

Who is this information for?

  • Basically anyone with keen interest to find a job? Don’t worry you have come to the right website and section. You will have your answer within minutes.
  • Another group of people this article has been written for, include school leavers and university graduates.
  • If you’re among those wishing to switch careers to another well paying job
  • If you want to go to college, now need high paying Careers in Zambia. This article will be helpful.
  • Finally people just looking for knowledge and learning purposes about highest paid jobs in Zambia
  • Anyone looking for high paying careers in Zambia.

Top 20 Highest Paid Jobs In Zambia & Careers

These are the average salary in Zambia, according to employment and labor laws. All workers are entitled to good working conditions, leave pay and terminal benefits. Hence Banks lend cash advance and loans as well, based on account balance and salary scale for any employee. This article quickly answers questions about highest paying careers in Zambia, jobs and professions which include:

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Zambia 2021 (Salaries) (1)

This will help setting your goals, plan and probably think ahead on what to do with money, when you begin your highest paying jobs in Zambia. These are highest paying jobs in Zambia for 2021 to make money.

1. Doctors : Salary/month = K10,000 to K40,000 ZMK

Health specialist, working through Zambian government, under ministry of health wing. Getting an enormous monthly wage, makes them to be most highest paid civil servants. This salary, includes people categorized as surgeons, neural scientists, Ophthalmologists, gynecologists, Endocrinologists and Cardiologists.

It includes, Doctors from both the private and public service in Zambia. Qualifications to become one is a bachelors degree plus 3 to 2 years of field practice, making it total of 7 years. Quest to becoming an specialized doctor in Zambia is often referred to as “school of medicine”. Doctors get over K10,000 minimum, and up to K40,000 maximum (Read doctors salary in Zambia). This makes them civil servants with the highest paying jobs in Zambia.

2. Judges : Salary/month = K9,810 ZMKto 35,600 ZMK

Judges have been knowing to be the second highest paid workers. Salary scale, ranges from K9,000 to K35,000 maximum. Hence if you have been thinking of becoming a professional judge in Zambia. You can go for it because not only is it just a second paid career, but also takes less than 7 years to complete. Hence just after your first degree, you only need few added law professions and you will become one.

3. Chief Financial Officers : Salary/month = K8,870 ZMKto 30,700 ZMK

Third highest paid job is those performed by Chief financial officers. These are in charge of managing all financial actions of any company or business. Chief financial officers or accountants mostly do money related courses and program. Minimum money earned for those in charge of doing this job is 5,000 kwacha, while the highly paid can get up to 20,000 kwacha per month.

4. Bank Managers : Salary/month = K7,700 ZMKto28,600 ZMK

Bank managers have been known to be among high paying careers in Zambia. These are people in charge of running and controlling financial transactions and formulating bank branch policies. Bank managers, ensure smooth operations of banks, customer satisfaction and give instructions to junior bank personnel’s on job roles and specifications.

In case you want to become a bank manager, qualifications is University degree or equivalent from any recognized institution. Mainly what bank managers study, is banking and finance, bachelor of commerce and accounting courses, including economics.

5. Chief Executive Officers : Salary/month = K6,000 ZMKto K25,200 ZMK

Chief executive officers are the fifth on these high paying careers in Zambia. Just imagine how much Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder receives per month?. Ah right it must be tons of money from his job been the founder for largest networking platform.

Most people working on this position, get paid over K6,000 per month. That’s from personal well established businesses. Requirements, include degree, and diploma is minimum for private sector. Depending on your job role, working as CEO requires administration, finance and business knowledge.

6. Orthodontists: Salary/month = K7,660 ZMKto 21,000 ZMK

Orthodontists are specialist working in the health sector. Ensure prevention, diagnosis, and prevention of affected teeth and jaws. There job also include misaligned bite patterns are structured correctly. Prevent abnormal positioning and alignment of the teeth. Education required to qualify as an Orthodontics, is a Dental degree, and another specialty training.

7. College Professors : Salary/month = K10,040 ZMKto 22,900 ZMK

Education personnel professors are scholars, in charge of teaching and educating four-year old colleges and university students. Professors have doctorate degrees, making them experts in certain fields. While others have PhD degrees, something higher and equivalent qualifications. Its the eightieth highest paid jobs in Zambia, hence its a more reason most people have been running towards teaching in colleges.

8. Pilots : Salary/month = K10,100 ZMKto 22,100 ZMK

Aviators and pilots, are people in charge of controlling Airplanes, navigation and in charge of controls. Working together with assistants and crew, ensure people reach to there destinations. To qualify, university degree in aviation is needed and aircraft control.

Pilots get paid not less than K8,000 per month. Becoming an aviator in Zambia, requires entry college levels to have at least a minimum of six points or O levels.

9. Marketing Directors : Salary/month = K3,780 ZMKto18,700 ZMK

Marketing directors have been important part of any organization. Deals with ensuring proper implementation of company’s plan, mainly pertaining to communications. Marketing directors help with adopting strategies, drafting of long term and short term goals as well. Prepare annual marketing strategies, advertising plans and campaigns.

10. Lawyers : Salary/month = K4,000 ZMK to K17,130 ZMK

This list can no be completed without the defenders and interpreters of the law. Most universities in Zambia, provide criminal, civil and industrial law, which anyone can enroll as a field of becoming professional lawyer. Its the third, among highest paying jobs in Zambia.

Takes minimum of 4 years University to study law degree, plus 6 months to 1 year to get practicing incense from Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE). Despite not having a legal advanced law certificate from ZIALE, you can still start your own firm and begin making money, or provide legal counsel to clients.

11. Nursing : Salary/month = K4,000 ZMK to K16,100 ZMK

Nursing is an important profession that falls in the health sector. Perform an important role, of ensuring people and patients get the needed care. Nurses work as assistants to specialized doctors and surgeons in case of an emergency and theater operations.

Nursing program in Zambia, takes minimum of three years and can go up to 5 years and 7 years to advance to becoming a medical doctor. Nursing jobs include Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Practitioners, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Midwife.

12. IT Specialists : Salary/month = K5,000 ZMK to K17,150 ZMK

Information technology and computer scientists are in judge of computer systems, software development, hardware maintenance, computer security,and creating networks. They are the highest paid professionals in South Africa. Any organization these days is in demand for developers, and ICT technicians, hence jobs are everywhere.

Having a university degree in this field has been an added advantage if you need a job. Its one of the top leading jobs on demand, most developers enjoy getting not less than K5,000 per month.

13.Teaching jobs : Salary/month = K4,500 ZMK to K15,730 ZMK

Teachers help students equipped with knowledge, cognitive thinking and understanding. They make them to be competence in every endeavor and been aware of the environment. I have heard most people ask for teacher salary in Zambia, and how much do Government teachers get paid in Zambia?. To answer the first point is we have three types of teachers. These basic, primary and secondary teachers.

Basic teachers in Zambia with only teaching certificates get paid K2,500 to K3,000, while diploma holders get paid K3,500 to K4,800 and degree holders K4500 ZMK to K7,730 been the highest paid. But off course some teachers, occupying administrative positions, get paid as much as K15,000 per month, for example school head teachers.

14. Civil Engineers/Architecture : Salary/month = K8,300 ZMK to K14,130 ZMK

Construction workers, in charge of building and establishing infrastructure get paid minimum of K3,000. These are people in charge of building, and mostly study civil engineering and architecture. Construction sites is the main field of employment and road establishments for developing countries. These workers also ensure designing of top class buildings, environment planning, urban design, and aligning landscape.

15. Pharmacist : Salary/month = K6,000 ZMK to K13,130 ZMK

Pharmacists, and chemists specialized in use of medicines. They help patients with the right amount and dosage to use. Without these professionals, there wouldn’t be effective use of medicine. It is one of the high paying careers in Zambia, with lowest salary been K6,000 per month.

16. Human Resources Officers : Salary/month = K6,000 ZMK to K12,130 ZMK

Other highest Paying Jobs In Zambia, include Human resource management and public relations. Professionals in charge of hiring, developing employees and introducing HR policies, that improve the workforce through remuneration and promotion. Another job, includes looking after employees, counseling and resolving deputes in the work place.

Human resource managers, bring and administer training, development and monitoring. Highest paid jobs in Zambia, include Human resource, with minimum salary been 6,000 per month.

17. Electrical Engineer Salary/month = K6,000 ZMK to K12,130 ZMK

Professionals in charge of designing electrical machinery and equipment, including devices and systems using electricity. Its one of the jobs on demand in Zambia, having a salary of over 17,000 per month with huge private limited companies.

18. Mechanical Engineering Salary/month = K6,000 ZMK to K11,130 ZMK

Mechanical engineers have been known to be specialists who’re in charge of machinery, fixing and maintenance. Jobs of these individuals, includes customization, maintenance and designing. In Zambia while most machine engineers can also be found to be operating equipment, hence its due to this its one of the highest paying jobs in Zambia today.

19. Sales managers Salary/month = K6,000 ZMK to K10,130 ZMK

Sales managers have been important in playing a significant role for guiding junior workers on the daily job roles. Oversee organizational work structures, local and regional company outlets to ensure smooth operations.

20. Fuel Attendants Salary/month = K3,000 ZMK to K6,130 ZMK

Fuel attendant take the final spot, been least among highest paying jobs in Zambia today. Most of these people have been in charge of refueling cars, and motor vehicles. Operating car wash and some cleaning services for vehicle, which include automated car wash.

Hopefully you have enjoyed highest paying jobs in Zambia. Don’t forget to check out our other articles, which involves ways to make money online, online businesses you can start, business ideas in Zambia and ways to get a job, including popular job sites from Zambia. If you have questions concerning High Paying Careers in Zambia. Ask in the comment section and we will respond to them.

Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs In Zambia (Summery)

SNJob/ProfessionSalary Per Month
3Chief Financial OfficersK30,700
4Bank ManagersK28,600
5Chief Executive OfficersK25,200
6University ProfessorsK22,900
8Civil EngineersK14,130
9Electrical EngineersK12,130
10Human Resource ManagersK12,000

Watch Video Showing Highest Paid Zambian Careers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Highest paying jobs in Zambia 2020? They are 20 highest paying jobs and we have listed them above in this article. Click here to view them

Zambian doctors salary per month? Salary for doctors, starts from K10,000 to K50,000 ZMK

Jobs on demand in Zambia 2020? According to labor statistics jobs on demand include, doctors, civil engineers, and computer scientist/programmers

Economist salary in Zambia? Economists get paid from K7,000 to K18,000 per month

Teacher salary in Zambia 2020? They get paid K2,500 to K3,000, while diploma holders get paid K3,500 to K4,800 and degree holders K4500 ZMK to K7,730

Zambian salaries : They’re a lot and different based on the type of job and career.

Highest paid civil servant in Zambia? Doctors and surgeons are currently highest paid in Zambia. You can see guide showing salaries for civil servants. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship here’s profitable opportunities small scale business ideas. On these previous articles, we dive deep in detail on this topic about high paying careers in Zambia.

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